About us

Your industrial project, right from the start

Polytek was founded on a clear and non-negotiable principle: getting it right from the start. As engineers and builders, we’ve observed that industrial projects have significant potential for better management. And all that inefficiency ripples beyond budget creep. Try staying motivated when you’re constantly faced with roadblocks, delays, and redos…

We sure weren’t. So things had to change. 

how it started

With Polytek, we transformed our challenges into exciting opportunities.

We began to ask ourselves inspiring questions: Why should this be difficult? How can we overcome common obstacles? Why settle for average when we can achieve excellence? That’s when the journey became enjoyable, as the possibilities for improvement were limitless.

Utilizing an advanced 3D modelling process, meticulous preparation, and extensive on-site experience, Polytek can thoroughly map out industrial projects, ensuring on-time and within-budget delivery. In an industry where such promises are rare, we not only make them—we keep them.


where it's going

For us, the future began yesterday.

Every day, we work towards a more digital and connected world in which we solve problems before they occur, not after they arise. We know the human, ecological, and financial gains will be enormous. And so we strive for nothing less.

Our team

By your side, all the way

Werner Herbots
Werner Herbots
Jan Lysens
Gunther Vandionant
Engineerings Manager
Veerle Deconinck
Maaike Mertens
Branch Manager Beringen
Maya Deyanova
Branch Manager Sofia
Melanie Vadacca
Branch Manager Liege
Engineering is problem-solving. Predicting the future, in a way. We tackle your challenges head-on, getting things right from the start.