A balancing act for BernAqua: maximizing capacity while minimizing downtime


For BernAqua, a Belgian producer of fish food, things were going well. So well, in fact, that they no longer had enough capacity to meet demand. To boost production, changes had to be made — preferably while keeping disruptions in the production flow to a minimum. And that’s where we came in.

Our solutions


Vision + knowledge = gold

BernAqua already had a pretty solid idea of what needed to be done — their existing installations needed to be upgraded and replaced to increase productivity. While BernAqua had buckets of valuable in-house operational expertise, they lacked the engineering knowledge and project management skills required to complete a project of that magnitude. After all, adapting existing, sometimes outdated equipment and installations is no easy feat.



Polytek’s holistic approach

Polytek stepped in to assess the situation. By asking the right questions, both to the client and its suppliers, we set up a framework. We offered advice on CE-certifications, created what-if analyses, secured shareholder approval, and managed the entire process, bringing all of our engineering prowess to the table. Finally, using 3D scanning technology, we were able to thoroughly assess the existing plant and redesign its flow.

These 3D-models helped us fit upgraded, larger equipment and structural additions into the existing space, including a number of steel platforms. These platforms were put in place to arrange equipment at different heights, saving space and ensuring accessibility. Our team also managed both the demolition and construction phases, preparing everything upfront and overseeing it on-site. All coordination is managed and planned through our BIM coordination platform, the ‘construction cloud.’ That’s how we leave no room for error.


Everything starts—and ends—with planning.

By analyzing and designing everything digitally before demolishing and reconstructing equipment, we boosted Bern Aqua’s capacity in a way that limited production downtime. After all, demand doesn't sleep. So neither did we, until we had solved the puzzle.

Why Polytek

Why clients choose us

Together, we’re off to a great start.

We work closely with clients from the very beginning. That way, we know exactly what you need, you feel heard and supported, and we can use our collective skills to solve the puzzle. This is a team effort, and a strong start is half the battle.

Going digital is more sustainable.

By focusing on digital processes, we minimise waste, optimise resources, and reduce the ecological footprint of industrial projects. Also, we design for longevity. By making sure everything is well-made and well-maintained, we reduce the need for renovations or replacements.

We’re with you, the whole way through.

Industrial projects are complex and rely on many variables. Challenges and questions are bound to arise. Our project managers are here to guide you through it all, with expert advice, troubleshooting, and, if necessary, just a bit of tough love.

We’re the glue that holds it all together.

Not your machinery or hardware (although we help with that, too), but the different elements and stakeholders involved in your construction project. We always take a bird’s-eye view, so all moving parts are in sync.

Engineering is problem-solving. Predicting the future, in a way. We tackle your challenges head-on, getting things right from the start.